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The Steps They Took


“The Steps They Took” is the story of a man haunted by suspicion, plagued with resentment, and feeling victimized by life, whose vindictiveness toward his philandering wife backfires, leaving him separated from his children, seared by loneliness, and facing dire legal consequences. He meets Suze, a woman five years his senior and an upper-class socialite married to one of the richest men in Texas. Her untreated alcoholism and a series of affairs, culminate in a relationship with Father Serge, an ambitious Catholic priest whose reaction to her unintended pregnancy leaves her heartbroken and bewildered.

Battling to vindicate himself and reclaim his children, Renn is forced to accept his role in his wife’s infidelity and confront personal issues that are both painful and revealing. Suze, embittered by a conspiracy involving her mother, Father Serge, and the Bishop of the Diocese of Corpus Christi, turns for help in uncovering the underlying causes of her self-destructive behaviors and comes to a spiritual and personal crossroads. “The Steps They Took” examines the redemptive power of surrender, forgiveness, and hope in recreating shattered lives.